Mary Harris is the main character of Mary Kills People. She runs a business in which she illegally assists terminally ill patients euthanize themselves painlessly.

Biography Edit

Mary works as an ER Doctor. She has two daughters from a previous marriage: Jess and Cambie.

Mary, when not at her primary job, also works as an in-home nurse, along with Des, to administer self-euthanasia treatments to terminally ill patients who come to her wishing to die.

Mary is a strong supporter of self-euthanasia laws, to the point that she doesn't see what she does as "killing", instead referring to the act as "helping". She carefully vets each of her patients to ensure that they are absolutely certain they wish to die and that they actually suffer from their conditions enough to warrant it.

Appearances Edit

Mary Harris appears in all episodes of the series.

Behind the scenes Edit

Currently unknown.